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GLAS and Organic Farming Scheme.

Group of farmers with Roscommon’s TD Michael Fitzmaurice who met with Minister Tom Hayes last week to discuss ongoing issues surrounding GLAS and Organic Farming Scheme.

Minister Tom Hayes recognises the ongoing problems for smaller organic farmers accessing GLAS payments and there was an agreement to look into improving the situation!

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PRESS RELEASE: Major EU farmer and farm worker representatives call on Council to safeguard the future of organic in Europe

Brussels, 5 May 2015 – On the occasion of yesterday’s meeting of the EU Special Committee on Agriculture and ahead of EU Ministers meeting, Copa-Cogeca, EFFAT and IFOAM EU urged in a letter sent to EU Agriculture Ministers to safeguard the European organic sector and not introduce measures that could threaten its development.

As the representatives of 23 million farmers and their families, including more than 250,000 EU organic farmers and 2.6 million workers, they asked Ministers to harmonise procedures for pesticide contamination, instead of introducing a decertification threshold, and to combine risk-based inspections whilst maintaining yearly controls.

“Organic farmers must be rewarded for their services to society and the environment, not punished for pesticides they have not introduced into the system”, said IFOAM EU Director Marco Schlüter. “The decertification proposal is not only wrong-headed it could also jeopardise organic farmers who could not bear the financial risk entailed. In our opinion, this would threaten the peaceful co-existence of organic and conventional farmers in rural areas. As long as there are no harmonised rules at European level on the facilities, methods and investigative parameters used by European laboratories the implementation of such decertification thresholds would in practice not even be feasible.”

“The new EU regulation should support the development of the EU organic farming sector, ensuring that 250,000 farmers could earn a living from their activities.  The requirement to have yearly controls for organic farmers should be maintained, as it is a basis for consumer trust in organic farming and it is beneficial for farmers in relation to consumers.  In the context of rapid changes to the EU regulation, the control bodies can also provide guidance to organic farmers that risk not being compliant with the legal requirements”, Pekka Pesonen, Secretary General of Copa-Cogeca said.

“Organic production is one of the few growing sectors in food production and is a labour intensive production system providing millions of valuable workplaces throughout Europe. We therefore call on the Commission and member states to support the development of organic food and farming in Europe, not to put it at risk through unrealistic proposals”, added Arnd Spahn, Secretary for the agriculture sector of EFFAT.

COPA COGECA, EFFAT and IFOAM EU call on Ministers to act in the interests of millions of farmers and workers by making sure the political and legal framework for European organic farming is favourable to its development.

Fracking now banned in Leitrim

Policy 129 It is the policy of the Council to apply the precautionary principle to Unconventional Oil/Gas Exploration and Extraction (UGEE) projects/operations proposed within the county. Given the scientific evidence, and personal testimonies, of the risks of UGEE projects/operations and with the objective of avoiding the risk of serious danger to human health or the environment, it is therefore the policy of Leitrim County Council that UGEE projects/operations shall not be permitted within the County of Leitrim.

Success of beef talks shows need for improved communications across the beef supply chain – Doyle

Measures agreed by both parties are sensible and pragmatic

Fine Gael TD for Wicklow/East Carlow, Andrew Doyle, has said that the success of beef talks highlights the importance of the beef forum for helping to achieve agreement between beef producers and suppliers.

“After what has been an extremely challenging year for beef farmers and for the wider industry, I am pleased and relieved that we have a resolution which is agreeable to all sides. With this issue now resolved, the challenge to all in the beef sector is to avoid a repeat of the standoff we have seen in recent weeks and months. We have developed an extremely high quality beef sector which is internationally renowned and upon which tens of thousands of people rely for their livelihood. We must avoid going down this road again.

“In this respect, producers and the industry need to maintain closer contact and the beef forum provides the ideal vehicle for improved communications across the supply chain. The key lesson from all of this is that dialogue is the way forward.

“I particularly welcome Minister Coveney’s insistence that we need to improve the bargaining power of beef producers. The introduction of producer organisations will go a long way in this regard.

“The measures agreed by both parties are sensible and pragmatic. I welcome that there will be no price penalties based on weight until the end of 2015 and that, in relation to the Quality Payment System, there will be no dual base pricing for breed, age or weight. The price incentive agreed for all steers and heifers from Quality Assured farms with effect from 1st January 2015 is, I believe, a positive result for beef farmers.

“I commend Minister Coveney for the manner in which he has overseen a positive outcome for what had been an extremely challenging time for the beef industry.”

Organic Payment Rates Increase Under New Rural Development Programme

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Organic Demonstration Farm Walks 2014 – 2015

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Organic Demo Farm Walks 2014-2015


Recent documentary on Gas Shale Fracking

With Laurence Lee from Al Jazeera Television, John Brennan Manager of Leitrim Organic Farmers and Tommy Earley Chairman of Leitrim Organic Farmers on Tommy Earley’s Organic Farm, Mount Allen outside Drumshanbo, Co. Leitrim Click on link below to view video

Farm Open Days

Click on link below Spring Open days 2014 Social Farming Training Click on link below Social Farming Training Organic Calves Urgently Needed Under 8mth. old organic calves Top prices quoted Please contact Good Herdsmen on  052-74-45500/ 086-2535187   PROTOCOL FOR BOOKING STOCK INTO ORGANIC MARTS Operators must book in stock they wish to sell at organic marts with IOFGA at the latest 48 hours before the commencement of the mart by telephoning 090 64 33680 The following information is required to be given to IOFGA at the time of booking in:  Name of licence holder  Address  Telephone number  Certification body (IOFGA/OT)  Licence number  Date symbol or conversion status awarded  Full tag numbers of cattle  Dates of birth of animals  Sex of animals  Origin of stock – born on own holding or bought in and if bought in original owners name and licence number  Breed  If stock are weaned, dehorned and castrated  Any veterinary medicines and dates administered  Do stock have a negative BVD result and supporting documentation Items which must accompany stock to the mart:  Current organic licence for each animal or group of animals for sale  Completed and signed sales declaration sheet for each animal or group of animals for sale  Completed and signed sales declaration sheet and licence/cert from all previous owners in the case of bought in animals.  BVD negative status and supporting documents Failure to pre book stock with IOFGA or to bring the documents listed above may result in stock not being permitted for sale   Social Farming Across Borders Newsletter Click on link below Social farming